About AreaRentals.Net

AreaRentals.Net is the product of innovation between a software company and a large property management company. Our goal was to develop an automated web based software system that can service thousands of customers and properties without a lot of money wasted on overhead costs. After more than a year of programming, tinkering, and testing, AreaRentals.Net was ready to service the industry. (beta testing ended 2-28-2006, further development continues for updates, behind the scenes maintenance, and bug-fixes.)

Our customers, (property managers and homeowners) have been taken advantage of by the "premium providers" for too long. Some of the "premiums" we found were full of pop-ups for mortgages, flashy/blinking banner advertisements, and other annoying advertising on over 50% of most pages. We even found a "listing service" wanting over $19,000.00 for an annual fee to list 50+ houses. We almost fell out of our seats laughing hysterically when we saw the rate page! Who would pay this we thought, as it turns out the site had only one customer that we could tell. Don't worry we didn't link the site, we figured we might owe money for just linking to them!

Our promise to you is that we will give the maximum service at the very lowest cost that will still make us a profit. As a business or property owner yourself, competing in the rental property business is all about delivering the best house for the lowest cost. The internet can be a marvelous medium for advertising your properties. We believe the internet will be one of the best ways to connect with your customer in the foreseeable future. The clean and no-nonsense approach we have at AreaRentals.Net is what savvy internet users are looking for. Not some pop-up ridden flashing beeping bouncing ad-spammed page that somewhere in the mire of ad-spam, at the bottom of the page, is the information about your rental.

At AreaRentals.Net we are different! By providing what home-seekers are looking for and a clean easy way for them to find your listing, they are more likely to contact you about your listing when they're not having to constantly kill pop-ups and dodge dancing pigs!

At AreaRentals.Net our job is just plain and simple, we do what you are paying us to do! We can't ask you to pay for service then treat your listing like second hand shoes hidden behind walls of advertisements! You are our customer. It is so easy to tell the sites who have forgotten who their customers are. We want to be your listing provider and are not ashamed to ask $2-$5 from you for the service we provide.

Thank You!
Mark B Vreeland, (910) 484-5518 or toll free (800) 244-6945.
Southern STAR, 18+ years building economical software solutions for businesses.

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